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Do you know how often the clutch plates are changed?

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The clutch plate transmits engine power to the transmission medium. The material of the clutch disc is similar to that of the brake disc. The friction disc has a certain high temperature resistance. The friction material mainly uses asbestos-based friction material. As the requirements for environmental protection and safety become higher and higher, semi-metallic friction materials, Composite fiber friction material, ceramic fiber friction material. Ordinary automobile clutch plates are assembled from friction plates, disc hubs, damping springs, damping discs, damping plates and other parts. When the car is running, when the clutch pedal is stepped on, the clutch plates are separated from the engine flywheel. When the high gear is switched to the low gear, when the clutch plate is connected with the engine flywheel, as the engine speed decreases, the car is forced to drop to a driving speed that matches the engine speed, and its own inertial kinetic energy is automatically consumed.

Clutch disc replacement cycle

There is no fixed mileage for the replacement of the clutch. The specific mileage should be determined according to personal operating habits and level, and has a little relationship with the daily driving road conditions. There are generally two reasons for replacing the clutch:

(1) Uneven clutch surface

(2) Clutch slips

When it is found that it is not possible to start normally and smoothly (except for operating reasons), it is mostly due to uneven wear that causes the clutch surface to be uneven. At this time, the clutch needs to be replaced. When you find that the dynamic performance deteriorates when driving, especially the high speed and acceleration performance deteriorates, and the daily fuel consumption increases. At this time, most of the clutch slips due to excessive wear and tear, and the clutch needs to be replaced.

(There is a small way to check whether the clutch is slipping: there are generally two reasons for changing the clutch to apply the handbrake, start with the second gear, slowly set the clutch, if the engine is turned off, it will not slip, and if it is not turned off, it will slip.)

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Add:No.788, Jintang Road, Jiangnan Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


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