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Symptoms and causes of clutch burnout

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Clutches are usually burnt due to improper operation due to the poor quality of the clutch plates. After the clutch burns, you will smell the burning smell and even see white smoke coming out. A burned clutch will severely damage the clutch. Occasionally burning once is not a problem, but burning the clutch for a long time will affect the function of the clutch.

What are the symptoms of a burned clutch?

1. Decline in power. The power output of the engine is transmitted to the transmission through the clutch. After the clutch burns out, the clutch plate will slip and the power will naturally drop.

2. There is a metal rubbing sound. The friction surface of the clutch plate is fixed by rivets. The burning clutch will exhaust the friction surface, so that the fixed rivet will contact the flywheel, which will make a metal friction sound when the clutch is loosened and stepped on.

3. The clutch pedal stroke changes. The burning clutch makes the friction surface thin or even non-existent, so the stroke of the clutch pedal changes.

4. Transfer and move. The clutch plate is in contact with the flywheel. When the clutch is burned out, the rivets will be exposed, and a strong turbulence will naturally occur when shifting gears.

Causes of clutch burnout

1. Step on the clutch for a long time. Many novices drive the manual gearbox model and put their feet directly on the clutch pedal after operating the clutch. This may result in the inability to step on the clutch, causing the flywheel and friction plate to move relative to each other, causing the clutch plate to burn out.

2. Long-term semi-linkage. The semi-linkage also prevents the clutch pressure plate from closely matching the flywheel and the friction plate, resulting in a speed difference. In driving schools, the coach field often smells burnt odor, because it is a semi-linked operation during training.

3. The starting throttle is too high. Some people like to push back when starting, or want to get started quickly, they will step on the accelerator to release the clutch. This kind of operation is the catapult start of a sports car, but an ordinary family car will only burn out the clutch. Moreover, the sports car can not be launched at all times.

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Add:No.788, Jintang Road, Jiangnan Town, Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


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